Jun 30, 2012

Do nothing, just walk!

Today I was doing nothing, just walking all day long.

I decide to combine this relaxed flower-printed blouse with my favorite leather skirt, which I can't stop wearing.

My favorite flower ring (I like flowers in all modifications), vintage clutch and Thai stone-made bracelet.

Suddenly I met my friend Maria alsow walking and taking pictures for her blog:)

Jun 26, 2012

Between painting classes

Asya: Dunno who is Dasha, but she is defenetly cool (written on the wall: Dasha is cool)

Today we both had a lot of work to do, so this was a super-fast photo taking process between "Hi" and "See you".  Photo proof that we still are painters, haha)

Jun 24, 2012

Same elements, other result.

Asya:  The earrings are lions, they look as a door ring like that, you know, fall in love at the 1st sight.
Remember the previous look with the jacket, scarf and belt? Here is a version of the same base:

Jun 16, 2012

Sailor's wife & bourgeois

Varvara: Today I look untypically relaxed and bourgeois cause today is Saturday and I'm not going  to do painting, just drawing:) So we are walking with Asya before our evening classes at the art studio. 

Varvara: Handmade Thai bag turned into clutch and vintage bow bracelet

Asya: It's a rubber boots actually. It was rainy in the morning so I got exited to have a chance to wear rainboots, but in a middle of a day there was bright sun on the sky :'( :)) Lucky I had a sandals with me for that change. But who cares, we've shot a look with that boots anyway!

That brooch on the scarf is the pin with russian dolls (matreshka), bought it in St. Pet's souvenirs shop couple years ago.

You should see us on the street today: we defenetely looked so weird together )

Jun 14, 2012

Modern and vintage

Varvara: Can you imagine, it's my grandma's vintage skirt. I really fond of how it looks like with my Tommy Hilfiger sandals.  

Jun 13, 2012

The sun is on my side

Today it was the first really warm evening in this summer. I wear my favorite Sinequanone dress (so simple and comfortable!) and vintage necklace.

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